martedì 5 gennaio 2010

A letter to 2010

Dear 2010,

I don't know exactly if it makes sense to write a letter to an year, but I waited for you sooo long, and I have so many damned expectations about you and what will come in the next future and I think we should get in contact. I mean, I do really think that you are waiting for me and I can't wait to introduce myself!

You are just born and you don't know that, but one year ago, when your friend 2009 came to mess up my life, things where pretty different. In the first week of the year I was not in my family's house and absolutely not in good terms with my parents... I was ungraduated and a kind of unimployed, or maybe worsts: I had a very interesting job but without a salary. I was totally confused. Do you see how things changed? Are them changed enough?

I don't know why you evil new years like to start always with some mess. You are not that much different from the others, concerning this :-) But I hope you'll be kind with me.

2009 was a long way spreaded with sharp stones. I don't know how many times I thought I was bad :-) And I cried because I was sure that my friends won't hear about me anymore. Or aren't giving a damn about me. I know, it was a difficult year for many of us.

I remember hospitals (too many: I think we had enough for the next 5 years, don't you think?), dear people of my family suffering... I can't count the quarrels. I gave up and I accepted the fact that some cut can't be cure easily and maybe they are necessary. 2009 also took away my grandmother after giving her a very hard time. I found myself thinking that if there is a god, he should be a sadist...

I don't want to save just the pain in my memories. I remember also some wonderful, wonderful friends. I can really say that what I conquered is 90% about them! The near ones, and the ones that are far away. Concerts, laughs, travels, drunkness, I won't forget anything :-D

2009 asked me many times to give over. It asked me to grow up. I worked a lot, I stop bothering too much, and I also tried to be patient. Do you think that I am more a woman than a girl this year, 2010? I just know that I became bad. On the other side: I know how to save the love for who deserves it. Oh well, this letter is becoming too serious in my opinion :-D Let's jump away from this topic.

I think I didn't yet realized that that fucking difficult 2009 also gave me the chance to reach one of my secret dreams: pack stuffs. Say goodbye. And leave, to a foreign country, straight to new adventures... That will be real and me and you are the protagonists of the story, 2010.

I can't really believe that in one month I will be in Brazil. Far from almost all the things that are familiar to me. I can't really realize that I will be there and I will work of the field that I love and that I feel I want spent my life in... Design for Sustainability, rethink the way we make and use things.

Looking at my future from this point of view everything is funny: the bad things I did, the persons that hurt me, the next man that will let me be upset...:-D

I have my Industrial Design degree. I have some good work experiences and, how we use to say in Italian, a lot of “pelo sullo stomaco”. A strong stomach. You can imagine what I mean! I am stronger. Last but not the least I have some of the best friends ever :-)

Maybe I needed a 2009 like this to recognize all those things?

I still have my dreams and my enthusiasm. I will use them :-)

Let's have fun, 2010. Finally you are here! Let's play!

Stupid 2009, I won! You hurted me but you didn't took away my passion for stupid pictures... and for smiling :-)

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