martedì 5 gennaio 2010

Blog styling

Good morning, everybody!

Today I am trying to dress my new blog and to see how the new Blogger features works. I saw that many thing have changed since I wrote my last post, about 10 months ago...
Today my task is to create a nice navigation bar for the right coloumn of the blog. I already did something, and now I am having a run in with Youtube 'cause I would like to put a video with a small thumbnail. I will find how to do it :-) Any idea, by the way?

Whatever, this is the video. It's about the last show of my band. We're called Rockwood, we play for fun some acoustic rock, and you can find us here:

I'd like also a counter for visitors, and a count down :-)
I didn't said anything about it yet, but I am getting ready to leave in about one month!

I will talk about it in the next days... now I want to enjoy this last, laaaaazy day of winter holidays :-D

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